Poppy by Audrys Deringas


Tecnica Olio su legno
Anno 2016
Dimensioni medio
Altezza 45 cm
Larghezza 57 cm
 Profondità 2 cm

Attualmente presso “Vilnius exhibition hall” Lithuania. Fornito con autentica su foto a firma dell’artista.



Audrys Deringas

I was born in 1959 in Lithuania. In 1982 I graduated Vilnius University. Now I work like expert in questioned documents and facial image comparison. About 25 years ago I started to create. My works can be divided in three directions: compositions from woodenchips, collage and painting. My motto is: not to repeat myself. However, it is not achieved with every work. During passing time more and more works were born. My friends persuaded me to make exhibition. So, in 2014 I presented my all works in Vinius exhibition hall. Exhibition was succesful. I received comendation for spreading art in Vilnius. Newspaper wrote about me and my art big article. More, to my suprise, one painting was bought. I do not treat my works like commercial, they are not perfect. Nevertheless, now I try to present myself to wider auditorium and opinions are very important to me.